About Us



We’ve been doing digital marketing since 2007 with most of our websites geared towards the local Philippines market. Most of the sites and advertising campaigns that we do are for our in-house businesses.


Our New Mission

Being based here in Cebu, Philippines, we have found out that there are opportunities offered today by modern technology(the internet) which are not fully taken advantage by Pinoys.  This is – Online/Digital Entrepreneurship. Here are key points:

– Creating or launching a business online has never been this rewarding today

– All tutorials, mentorship, and help are available online, though a deep research and implementation is needed. These rewards are tremendous for successful online businesses.

– Worldwide audience reach

Philippines is a well-known and excellent destination for Business Process Outsourcing. There are a lot of freelancers, virtual assistants, data encoders, and a whole lot of online employment opportunities. A great number of entrepreneurs based abroad recommend the Philippines for cheap but reliable assistant services. There is much knowledge that Pinoys have earned from these various online jobs, but it somehow can’t be translated to creating or launching own business online. There’s a missing bridge that needs to be built be it a local community or support group, financial capital(although launching a business online only requires minimum capital), or even just an information campaign of the potential of online/digital entrepreneurship.

Therefore, our mission is currently simple:

To empower, inform, encourage, inspire, and prepare people in our local community to create or launch their own businesses online.